I’m a Certified Digital Marketer and Online Marketing Educator. I help small to medium businesses with digital marketing and online tools to save time, automate more and scale their business.

Hi, my name Is Chloe McCreedy

If you have ever avoided marketing or online tech, felt that it was too stressful or too far outside your zone-of-genius, you’re in the right place.

Whether we provide services to you, or you work through my simple, step-by-step trainings, you’ll learn how to strengthen your marketing for growth and optimise it - no matter your starting point.

So far, I’ve helped hundreds of “non-techie” business owners from all over the world with their digital marketing, automation and teaching the simple ‘how-to’ if they want to do it themselves without the headaches!

I’ve taught workshops in New York and Sydney on positioning yourself as the market leader online, leveraging email marketing as the number one online tool for sales in the digital world and booking more initial consultations using free marketing tools.

I post simple to follow tips and inspiration on Instagram on the regular, come and find me here.

My Big WHY

It’s three-fold as to why I’m a digital marketer and online educator for small to medium businesses.

Firstly, it all started with an internal pull to add more value to the world. I left my big, cushy corporate job in process and marketing automation to use my Coaching and Nutrition certification to start my health practice in Sydney, Australia.

Secondly, I became obsessed with filling the knowledge gaps people have around health or wellness services. It amazes me how many people suffer, including myself at times, because of a lack of awareness of services or products that can help them. Marketing changes all of that!

Thirdly, my family. I’d do anything for them. Running a freelancing and online education business means I can be with my little one, Jack, and my husband, Brett, when they need me.


My Values

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Chloe has Qualifications in

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Institute

Project Management

University of Western Sydney

Bachelor of Arts

Psychology and English
University of Auckland

Process Improvement

Six Sigma - Green Belt
Thornton Consulting